Avon Lake Webcam (newest one)

Welcome to the latest and greatest webcam. Note: You are limited to 20 minutes at a time! But you can then reload the page to keep watching.
This webcam has been viewed 2638 times since 2/1/2009.

Click in the picture below where you want the camera to point.
imagemap for ipod tilt=0 pan=100 tilt=10 pan=100 tilt=20 pan=100 tilt=30 pan=100 tilt=40 pan=100 tilt=50 pan=100 tilt=60 pan=100 tilt=70 pan=100 tilt=80 pan=100 tilt=90 pan=100 tilt=100 pan=100 tilt=0 pan=93 tilt=10 pan=93 tilt=20 pan=93 tilt=30 pan=93 tilt=40 pan=93 tilt=50 pan=93 tilt=60 pan=93 tilt=70 pan=93 tilt=80 pan=93 tilt=90 pan=93 tilt=100 pan=93 tilt=0 pan=86 tilt=10 pan=86 tilt=20 pan=86 tilt=30 pan=86 tilt=40 pan=86 tilt=50 pan=86 tilt=60 pan=86 tilt=70 pan=86 tilt=80 pan=86 tilt=90 pan=86 tilt=100 pan=86 tilt=0 pan=79 tilt=10 pan=79 tilt=20 pan=79 tilt=30 pan=79 tilt=40 pan=79 tilt=50 pan=79 tilt=60 pan=79 tilt=70 pan=79 tilt=80 pan=79 tilt=90 pan=79 tilt=100 pan=79 tilt=0 pan=73 tilt=10 pan=73 tilt=20 pan=73 tilt=30 pan=73 tilt=40 pan=73 tilt=50 pan=73 tilt=60 pan=73 tilt=70 pan=73 tilt=80 pan=73 tilt=90 pan=73 tilt=100 pan=73 tilt=0 pan=67 tilt=10 pan=67 tilt=20 pan=67 tilt=30 pan=67 tilt=40 pan=67 tilt=50 pan=67 tilt=60 pan=67 tilt=70 pan=67 tilt=80 pan=67 tilt=90 pan=67 tilt=100 pan=67 tilt=0 pan=61 tilt=10 pan=61 tilt=20 pan=61 tilt=30 pan=61 tilt=40 pan=61 tilt=50 pan=61 tilt=60 pan=61 tilt=70 pan=61 tilt=80 pan=61 tilt=90 pan=61 tilt=100 pan=61 tilt=0 pan=55 tilt=10 pan=55 tilt=20 pan=55 tilt=30 pan=55 tilt=40 pan=55 tilt=50 pan=55 tilt=60 pan=55 tilt=70 pan=55 tilt=80 pan=55 tilt=90 pan=55 tilt=100 pan=55 tilt=0 pan=49 tilt=10 pan=49 tilt=20 pan=49 tilt=30 pan=49 tilt=40 pan=49 tilt=50 pan=49 tilt=60 pan=49 tilt=70 pan=49 tilt=80 pan=49 tilt=90 pan=49 tilt=100 pan=49 tilt=0 pan=43 tilt=10 pan=43 tilt=20 pan=43 tilt=30 pan=43 tilt=40 pan=43 tilt=50 pan=43 tilt=60 pan=43 tilt=70 pan=43 tilt=80 pan=43 tilt=90 pan=43 tilt=100 pan=43 tilt=0 pan=37 tilt=10 pan=37 tilt=20 pan=37 tilt=30 pan=37 tilt=40 pan=37 tilt=50 pan=37 tilt=60 pan=37 tilt=70 pan=37 tilt=80 pan=37 tilt=90 pan=37 tilt=100 pan=37 tilt=0 pan=31 tilt=10 pan=31 tilt=20 pan=31 tilt=30 pan=31 tilt=40 pan=31 tilt=50 pan=31 tilt=60 pan=31 tilt=70 pan=31 tilt=80 pan=31 tilt=90 pan=31 tilt=100 pan=31 tilt=0 pan=25 tilt=10 pan=25 tilt=20 pan=25 tilt=30 pan=25 tilt=40 pan=25 tilt=50 pan=25 tilt=60 pan=25 tilt=70 pan=25 tilt=80 pan=25 tilt=90 pan=25 tilt=100 pan=25 tilt=0 pan=19 tilt=10 pan=19 tilt=20 pan=19 tilt=30 pan=19 tilt=40 pan=19 tilt=50 pan=19 tilt=60 pan=19 tilt=70 pan=19 tilt=80 pan=19 tilt=90 pan=19 tilt=100 pan=19 tilt=0 pan=13 tilt=10 pan=13 tilt=20 pan=13 tilt=30 pan=13 tilt=40 pan=13 tilt=50 pan=13 tilt=60 pan=13 tilt=70 pan=13 tilt=80 pan=13 tilt=90 pan=13 tilt=100 pan=13 tilt=0 pan=7 tilt=10 pan=7 tilt=20 pan=7 tilt=30 pan=7 tilt=40 pan=7 tilt=50 pan=7 tilt=60 pan=7 tilt=70 pan=7 tilt=80 pan=7 tilt=90 pan=7 tilt=100 pan=7 tilt=0 pan=0 tilt=10 pan=0 tilt=20 pan=0 tilt=30 pan=0 tilt=40 pan=0 tilt=50 pan=0 tilt=60 pan=0 tilt=70 pan=0 tilt=80 pan=0 tilt=90 pan=0 tilt=100 pan=0

Control the room light.

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