Avon Lake Webcam for iPhone

Note: You are not viewing this from an iPod or iPhone. This page allows you to control the WebCam, but not to view it. You are better off going to "Latest WebCam" to both view and control this camera.

This page allows you to point the "Latest Webcam" wherever you like. Just click/tap in the picture below and the camera will swivel to aim at that point.

The camera can be viewed on an iPod Touch or iPhone by using the "iCam (Webcam video streaming)" app which is downloadable from iTunes.Go to vendor

The login & password required by the iCam app is: "corner", "corner". If the app does not show the picture after activating it, the camera's stream may be off. Click the button below to turn it on; clicking it again will turn it off.

You control the webcam position here on this page in your browser. Since OS3 is not multitasking, you then activate the app to view it. Then come back here to move it, etc.

imagemap for ipod tilt=0 pan=100 tilt=10 pan=100 tilt=20 pan=100 tilt=30 pan=100 tilt=40 pan=100 tilt=50 pan=100 tilt=60 pan=100 tilt=70 pan=100 tilt=80 pan=100 tilt=90 pan=100 tilt=100 pan=100 tilt=0 pan=93 tilt=10 pan=93 tilt=20 pan=93 tilt=30 pan=93 tilt=40 pan=93 tilt=50 pan=93 tilt=60 pan=93 tilt=70 pan=93 tilt=80 pan=93 tilt=90 pan=93 tilt=100 pan=93 tilt=0 pan=86 tilt=10 pan=86 tilt=20 pan=86 tilt=30 pan=86 tilt=40 pan=86 tilt=50 pan=86 tilt=60 pan=86 tilt=70 pan=86 tilt=80 pan=86 tilt=90 pan=86 tilt=100 pan=86 tilt=0 pan=79 tilt=10 pan=79 tilt=20 pan=79 tilt=30 pan=79 tilt=40 pan=79 tilt=50 pan=79 tilt=60 pan=79 tilt=70 pan=79 tilt=80 pan=79 tilt=90 pan=79 tilt=100 pan=79 tilt=0 pan=73 tilt=10 pan=73 tilt=20 pan=73 tilt=30 pan=73 tilt=40 pan=73 tilt=50 pan=73 tilt=60 pan=73 tilt=70 pan=73 tilt=80 pan=73 tilt=90 pan=73 tilt=100 pan=73 tilt=0 pan=67 tilt=10 pan=67 tilt=20 pan=67 tilt=30 pan=67 tilt=40 pan=67 tilt=50 pan=67 tilt=60 pan=67 tilt=70 pan=67 tilt=80 pan=67 tilt=90 pan=67 tilt=100 pan=67 tilt=0 pan=61 tilt=10 pan=61 tilt=20 pan=61 tilt=30 pan=61 tilt=40 pan=61 tilt=50 pan=61 tilt=60 pan=61 tilt=70 pan=61 tilt=80 pan=61 tilt=90 pan=61 tilt=100 pan=61 tilt=0 pan=55 tilt=10 pan=55 tilt=20 pan=55 tilt=30 pan=55 tilt=40 pan=55 tilt=50 pan=55 tilt=60 pan=55 tilt=70 pan=55 tilt=80 pan=55 tilt=90 pan=55 tilt=100 pan=55 tilt=0 pan=49 tilt=10 pan=49 tilt=20 pan=49 tilt=30 pan=49 tilt=40 pan=49 tilt=50 pan=49 tilt=60 pan=49 tilt=70 pan=49 tilt=80 pan=49 tilt=90 pan=49 tilt=100 pan=49 tilt=0 pan=43 tilt=10 pan=43 tilt=20 pan=43 tilt=30 pan=43 tilt=40 pan=43 tilt=50 pan=43 tilt=60 pan=43 tilt=70 pan=43 tilt=80 pan=43 tilt=90 pan=43 tilt=100 pan=43 tilt=0 pan=37 tilt=10 pan=37 tilt=20 pan=37 tilt=30 pan=37 tilt=40 pan=37 tilt=50 pan=37 tilt=60 pan=37 tilt=70 pan=37 tilt=80 pan=37 tilt=90 pan=37 tilt=100 pan=37 tilt=0 pan=31 tilt=10 pan=31 tilt=20 pan=31 tilt=30 pan=31 tilt=40 pan=31 tilt=50 pan=31 tilt=60 pan=31 tilt=70 pan=31 tilt=80 pan=31 tilt=90 pan=31 tilt=100 pan=31 tilt=0 pan=25 tilt=10 pan=25 tilt=20 pan=25 tilt=30 pan=25 tilt=40 pan=25 tilt=50 pan=25 tilt=60 pan=25 tilt=70 pan=25 tilt=80 pan=25 tilt=90 pan=25 tilt=100 pan=25 tilt=0 pan=19 tilt=10 pan=19 tilt=20 pan=19 tilt=30 pan=19 tilt=40 pan=19 tilt=50 pan=19 tilt=60 pan=19 tilt=70 pan=19 tilt=80 pan=19 tilt=90 pan=19 tilt=100 pan=19 tilt=0 pan=13 tilt=10 pan=13 tilt=20 pan=13 tilt=30 pan=13 tilt=40 pan=13 tilt=50 pan=13 tilt=60 pan=13 tilt=70 pan=13 tilt=80 pan=13 tilt=90 pan=13 tilt=100 pan=13 tilt=0 pan=7 tilt=10 pan=7 tilt=20 pan=7 tilt=30 pan=7 tilt=40 pan=7 tilt=50 pan=7 tilt=60 pan=7 tilt=70 pan=7 tilt=80 pan=7 tilt=90 pan=7 tilt=100 pan=7 tilt=0 pan=0 tilt=10 pan=0 tilt=20 pan=0 tilt=30 pan=0 tilt=40 pan=0 tilt=50 pan=0 tilt=60 pan=0 tilt=70 pan=0 tilt=80 pan=0 tilt=90 pan=0 tilt=100 pan=0

Tap in the picture where you want the camera to point.

Tap here to start a slow pan of the camera from right to left and back. There is a built in delay of about 10 seconds before the pan starts. Tap again to stop the pan, or tap in the picture.

Control the room light.

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