Our Webcams

We have a number of webcams. Not all are functional at the same time.

In order to watch these cams, you have to have the proper viewer. The first time you access one of the pages below, the viewer will be automatically downloaded and installed. Your browser will ask if it is OK to download the viewer. Please say yes. This is just an ordinary viewer for the streaming video and will do no harm to your computer. When you subsequently revisit the cams, you may be asked by your browser if it should run the ActiveX control. Again say yes.

Each of the cameras is purposely limited in how long you can watch at a time. This is to keep you from using our bandwidth all day long when you really aren't watching it. If it stops, you can restart it by reloading the page.

Quick list (10/2011)

  1. Front view with pan and tilt (main)
  2. Computer room with pan (original) [not working right now]
  3. Backyard view fixed (Dlink) Requires ActiveX.
  4. The next two require an ActiveX control (which will be downloaded if you are running Windows. If you are using Windows 7, you must change the IE tools->Security settings to permit unsigned/unknown publisher activeX controls to download and run. Change this back after you have downloaded the activeX control).
    1. Lakeside with pan and tilt (IPcam 01). Login is "guest", "guest"
    2. Avon Lake with pan and tilt (IPcam 02). Login is "guest", "guest". This camera is moved around the house and not always on.
    A better way to see these and the Dlink "backyard" cam is here. This link is also compatible with iPhone/iPod/iPad apps. As this is very bandwidth intensive on our local server, it is not always enabled.
  5. Latest webcam. This is new (10/11) and is supported for Windows, Safari and mobile phones. Login with "user", "user". NOTE: the activeX control requires the same changes as listed above to be used with Windows 7.

Latest webcam

This new camera has a CCD sensor and is amazingly sensitive. You can see things even if the room lights are off. It is also located in the the Avon Lake computer room (aka the fourth bedroom). It has a new home-designed and built pan and tilt control using model aircraft servos. You can turn the lights on and off if you can't see much. When rotated to the right, it looks outside and you can check the street in front of your house.

Latest webcam
Separate pan/tilt control useful for iPhone/iPod

Original WebCam

This was our first camera and is showing a bit of wear and tear. It has been taken apart and put back together a few times. It has a panning control that lets you look around the room. You can control the room light.

Original Webcam <
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